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What Is Managed Print?
Ever wanted to have the quality and speed of a colour laser printer but don't want tying down to expensive running costs? Unlike Mono laser printing, colour laser machines do have the reputation of being expensive to operate. We're not just talking toners here. Many colour laser printers bring along lots of 'hidden' costs that mono printers often don't. Drums, Fusers, Transfer belts etc. Even owning a colour laser printer and using it for just mono prints will still be wearing out these expensive items requiring you to replace them at some point during your ownership.

Now we have an alternative!
Our Managed Print option could be the way for your school or business!

Key Benefits:
No more toner to purchase
No more repair costs
Relax knowing you will always have a printer and toner at hand when you need it - leave that to us.
Great savings

How It Works.
We supply you a machine at a rental of 99.00 per year - on a 3 year contract.

We service the equipment when necessary and supply recycled toners for the constant running of the machine.

You agree to print a minimum of 5000 prints per machine rented.

You supply us, at an agreed monthly interval, the current copy count as measured by the recording equipment on the machine.
We will then issue monthly invoices at the following rates:

Black copies per side @ 1p
Colour copies per side @ 4p

You simply add your own paper.

Find Out More
The following PDF files are available for downloading. More details about how the system works, our advertising flyer and also the present printers that we have to offer.

Downloadable Files:

Download our 'Managed Print HP colour laser printer rental' flyer


How It Works.pdf
Offer 1.pdf
Offer 2.pdf
Offer 3.pdf

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