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CISS stands for Continuous Ink Supply System. It is the means of supplying a continuous flow of ink to the print head of the printer without the need to change cartridges. Large external ink reservoirs continually supply the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes. The cartridges remain in place permanently in the printer. The ink reservoirs can be easily independently refilled at anytime with bulk ink.

Up to 31 x more ink (on epson T0712,713,714) than genuine cartridges.

Full range of bulk ink available for future refills - click here less than 5p per ml!

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CISS Canon (PG40/CL41)
jrcissc4041thb.jpgCISS system for Canon printers using PG40 & CL41 cartridges

320ml, B,C,M,Y
Model: JRCISSC4041

Re-use your empty black and colour Canon cartridge with this CISS kit.
Quick Installation and Easy to Use
CISS are a perfect for customers who do a large amount of printing.
Our Continuous Ink Supply Systems save over 95% on printing costs for inkjet printers
These kits are supplied with 80ml of high quality JR ink in each reservoir and come with full ink tanks
All our Continuous Ink Supply Systems systems are 100% guaranteed

(ex VAT - £28.99) 


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