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2mtr Parallel
Parallel Cable2mtr Parallel Printer Cable

(ex VAT - £1.66) 

3mtr Parallel
Parallel Cable3mtr Parallel Printer Cable

(ex VAT - £3.36) 

5mtr Parallel
Parallel Cable5mtr Parallel Printer Cable

(ex VAT - £5.06) 

10mtr Parallel
Parallel Cable10mtr Parallel Printer Cable

(ex VAT - £6.95) 

3mtr Serial Cable
Serial Cable 3mtr

(ex VAT - £3.36) 

HDMI Cable
hdmi_cablethb.jpg 2mtr Cable
High Speed male to male
Ideal for TV's and 3D TV's to connect products using Hdmi ports

(ex VAT - £2.75) 

HDMI to HDMI Micro
hdmitomicrohdmithb.jpg 1.5mtr Cable
Ideal for tablets etc
Connect to HDMI ports on TV's, monitors etc so you can view your tablet on a larger screen

Please Note - product will only work on tablets with a Micro Hdmi out port

(ex VAT - £4.25) 

Mains Power
Power CableMains Power Cable

(ex VAT - £3.79) 

USB2 Docking Station
Usb2 docking station with 1.8mtr cable extension thb.jpgUSB2 Docking Station with built-in 1.8mtr extension cable
Designed to provide easy USB access in a reachable area
Heavyweight stable base
1 x Power, 1 x Data port
1.8mtr cable

(ex VAT - £3.37) 

USB2 Extension Cable
usb extension.jpgUSB2 Cable 2mtr Extension

Please note: This is an extension cable only. Ideal for extending short cabled devices.

(ex VAT - £2.50) 

USB2 cable 2mtr
USBUSB2 cable 2mtr Type A to Type B
Faster transfer rate for supported products

(ex VAT - £2.14) 

USB2 cable 5mtr
USBUSB2 cable 5mtr Type A to Type B
Faster transfer rate for supported products

(ex VAT - £4.28) 


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