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Address: Telephone: 01909 488270
Image Tek Supplies Ltd Fax: 0872 352 1607
Enterprise House Email: sales@inksupplies.biz
Carlton Road Mobile: 078111 01211
Worksop, Notts, Text: During office hours, text the mobile number above with the words 'phone back' and include a number you wish us to contact you on- useful if our phones are busy.
S81 7QF
Office Hours:
Monday:      9:30am to 4:00pm
Tuesday:     1:00pm to 4:00pm How To Find Us:
Wednesday: 9:30am to 4:00pm
Thursday:    1:00pm to 4:00pm
Friday:        9:30am to 4:00pm
Saturday:   CLOSED
Sunday:     CLOSED
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view a map of the area
When approaching from the town centre: 
Follow A60 Carlton Road, we are the last building on the RHS before leaving Worksop as if heading out to Carlton in Lindrick. 
After the Cannon crossroads, drive up A60 Carlton Road for approx 300 yards. 
You will drive past Ambleside Grange on the right. 
Immediately following this junction you will see driveway entrance with signage for Enterprise House.

When approaching from Ashes Park Drive: 
Follow Ashes Park Drive to the last roundabout.
Carry on up Eddison Park Avenue to the junc with Carlton Road
Turn right onto A60 Carlton Road
We are the first building/driveway on the LHS
Opposite the bus-stop is our d
riveway entrance with signage for Enterprise House

When approaching from Carlton in Lindrick: 
We are the first building/driveway on the LHS as you enter Worksop
On A60 Carlton Road drive past junc for Eddison Park Avenue (RHS)
Continue past junc for Eskdale Drive (RHS)
Opposite the bus-stop is our d
riveway entrance with signage for Enterprise House

Entering our driveway you need to turn left at the fork and follow the drive around to the entrance. 
Parking is available either in front of the entrance steps or further up the driveway in the trees.
Enter reception via the steps where you will be met by Judy or Karen who will have your pre-order ready for collection.
Don't worry if you havent pre-ordered, they will call us to come and meet you. 
For the quickest results though, telephone your order through first on 01909 488270.

Address Image Tek Supplies Ltd
Enterprise House
Carlton Road
S81 7QF
United Kingdom
Telephone Number01909 488270
Fax Number0872 352 1607
Email Addresssales@inksupplies.biz
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